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Irregular at Magic High School, Vol. 11 (light novel)


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Cod: BRT9781975327187

An aparitie: 2019

Autor: Tsutomu Satou

Categoria: Humour

Editie: necartonata

Editura: Yen Press

Format: 209 x 140 x 20 mm

Limba: English

Nr. pagini: 272

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At the same that the leader of the USNA's elite magician unit, the Stars,
traveled to Japan under the identity of an exchange student named Lina, the
parasite incident wreaked havoc on the First Magic High School until Tatsuya and
his friends saved the day and brought the incident to a peaceful conclusion.
However, the parasite merely lost its first host and continues to wander this
world. More importantly, it's found its next host-a humanoid helper robot. After
copying Honoka Mitsui's behavior and patterns, the parasite has been reborn as
Pixie, vowing to follow and serve Tatsuya. After learning more about parasites
from Pixie, Tatsuya gathers Miyuki and the others to head towards the Aoyama
Cemetery to fight against a new impending danger!

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