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Cod: BRT9780979421044

An aparitie: 2008

Autor: Laneen Haniah

Categoria: Family & health

Editie: necartonata


Format: 210 x 150 x 22 mm

Limba: English

Nr. pagini: 93

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Order a DOWNLOADABLE COPY DIRECT FROM where you can also order Dr. Intimacy's newest books and find out more about how to connect with her. ***WARNING*** Please see warning at the end of description BEFORE purchasing. In this book, I share a VERY TRANSPARENT and RAW account of what it was like for me, as I entered into the world of sexual relationships, TOTALLY UNPREPARED. I wrote this book because I don't want anybody to be as ignorant as I was about having sex. Having sex before time destroyed my life; it is a miracle that I am even alive. In this book, you are going to learn how immoral sexual activity causes you to make wrong choices. You will learn how it leads to negative personality changes and the spiritual and emotional dangers of so-called "casual sex" or "hook-up sex." Sex looks a lot differently when viewed through spiritual eyes. This book will provoke you to change how you look at sex and cause you to understand that it is much more than just a physical act. While written ideally for teenagers and young adults, readers of all ages have benefited from the information shared in this book. It is especially helpful for parents, teachers, pastors and anyone who works with youth. Sex is extremely valuable, and once you realize how powerful it really is, you will no longer take it so lightly! Get enlightened to the deeper truths about sex in this RAW and REAL book that will make you laugh and make you think! No holds barred; nothing held back -- it's a look into the dark side of sex! ***WARNING FROM THE AUTHOR*** THIS BOOK CONTAINS MATERIAL THAT CONSERVATIVE RELIGION FINDS OFFENSIVE (as should be obvious from the graphic nature of the cover!) It is written in very basic language and uses elementary terminology that is easily understood by teens, young adults, unbelievers, non-church-goers, and those that may have a harder time reading (i.e. drug addicts, high school dropouts, ex-convicts, prostitutes, etc...). It also uses urban vernacular throughout the book. If you are purchasing this book based on reading some of my other works, you need to be prepared for the stark difference with this work. It is written for a completely different audience than my other material. If you are purchasing this book for a teenager, I strongly urge you to read it FIRST before giving it them, to ensure that you are comfortable with the level of exposure. Having said that, I feel that THIS BOOK CONTAINS ESSENTIAL REVELATIONS ABOUT SEX THAT EVERY HUMAN BEING SHOULD HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF. I implore you to look past the urban writing style and the raw transparency of my testimony, and to focus on digesting the revelation. It will change how you look at sex and those involved in promiscuous lifestyles forever. And here's just a little tip: chapter one is the hardest to swallow, as far as the raw nature of how I share my testimony. This introductory chapter is written that way for shock effect and to ensure that I hold the intended audience's attention long enough to prompt them onward to chapter two. If you make it past chapter one without fainting (smile), you will probably enjoy the rest of the book much more than you would have imagined. After reading this I hope you will still make the purchase and I would love your constructive criticism or positive feedback about the content and nature of this book. Email me at to share your thoughts. Thanks for reading this note. With Love, Dr. Intimacy

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