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Business Intelligence and Scientific Management Training - Constantin Mihaescu


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Cod: CMH978-1515-0341-48

An aparitie: 2015

Autor: Constantin Mihaescu

Categoria: Management

Editie: Necartonata


Format: 200 x 130 mm

Nr. pagini: 132

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WARNING! This book is the result of over four decades of research and experiments conducted by the author in the field of self-improvement of thinking in the decision-making process used to solve problems of high complexity, including improving performance in educational games online and in educational software. If poverty and crises of all kinds are expanding almost everywhere, this happens because sometimes activities of organization and management are not efficient. What can be done to improve these very important activities you can learn from this manual. You will find out how can be used recently discovered law of nature –The Universal Model of Organization and Management - to improve your decisions in order to maximize profit and performance in business and in your life. The process of profit maximization can be developed successfully if your business is organized and managed as an adjustable cybernetic system on the scientific basis of this natural model, after which they were created and work all high performance systems in universe. You will learn to build correctly and quickly the systems needed to achieve all your goals. In this book are first analyzed and redefined in a systemic vision all fundamental concepts relating to systemic organization and scientific management of complex human activities, including business and strategic chess game. How can practically be used this law of nature to improve the managerial decisions it shows into a final didactic study of thinking in strategic chess game, with examples of games played against the computer, almost move-by-move presented by commented chess diagrams. This detailed and pictured mode of presentation, allows profound understanding of the game, both as a whole and in detail, and how to play simultaneously for fulfillment of strategic plan and for tactical kicks, using only moves with quadruple character (defensive-offensive and strategic-tactical).The book is written so that reading to be easy for all. Every game is presented as a story, like a chain of interesting events, and so the reader to be able to fully enjoy the unique beauty of this marvelous game of imagination and intelligence. It's time for traditional management developed empirically and based only on observations from practical experience, to be replaced by scientific management, based on systemics and cybernetics. Success is guaranteed if the business is organized and managed as adaptable cybernetic system on the scientific basis of this book. Today, more than ever before, to obtain high performance in business as in chess game, it takes a systemic approach to solve the complex problems of organization and management of activities. Therefore, all fundamental concepts of organization and management are here presented in systemic vision and then are applied in chess – the king of educational games - to be fully clarified and thoroughly fixed in memory. In short, studying this book, readers can find out how quickly and accurately can build and drive their systems necessary to achieve objectives and how to train the business intelligence for this purpose.This manual of chess, business intelligence, and scientific management is addressed to students in the last years of high schools and universities, to managers of a small or medium business and generally to all those who wish to optimize their decisions. It appears both in pocket printed format and in digital format on DVD or online, so it can be used as educational software easily accessible to all readers. About the Author: Constantin V. Mihaescu is a Romanian mechanical engineer, manager, management consulting expert, informaticien, scientific researcher and writer. He has discovered a law of nature: the Universal Model of Organization and Management. This model can be used to organize and manage efficiently all human complex activities. He is invited member of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI).

Fragment din lucrarea "Business Intelligence and Scientific Management Training" de Constantin Mihaescu

"2. A Law of Nature: the Universal Model of Organization and Management. New Definitions of Concepts

Using the scientific method, I set out to develop new definitions of key concepts that correspond better to all characteristics of described entities, to real succession of their actions, and to connections among them or between them and their environment.
As I developed these new definitions, I ensured that they took into account the space and time factors and the basic principles of two sciences: systemics and cybernetics. That is how I formulated the model shown in Figure 1 and the proposed new definitions.
Later I observed that I cannot make any logical changes in this model but that it integrates logically all of other models and definitions under consideration. "

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